Karachi Kings v Peshawar Zalmi PSL 2017 Schedule

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Peshawar Zalmi v Karachi Kings is the 3rd match of PSL 2017. Karachi Kinga v Peshawar Zalmi is the 2nd and last match that will be played on Friday 10th February 2017. Due to this, KK v PZ is a day and night mach that will start from 12:00 PST. Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai will host this 3rd PSL match of PZ v KK. The schedule of this match between PZ and KK is perfect for the viewers as they can easily watch live TV coverage of KK v PZ match as it is the day and night match.

Match No.: Match 3
Match Title: Karachi Kings v Peshawar Zalmi
Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium
Date/Day: Fri Feb 10 2017
Time: GMT 16:00, PST 21:00, D/N
PSL Live Score
PSL 2 2017 Schedule & Result
9 Feb: IU vs PZ- IU won by 7 wickets
10 Feb: LQ vs QG- QG won by 8 runs
10 Feb: KK vs PZ- PZ won by 7 wickets
11 Feb: IU vs LQ- LQ won by 6 wickets
11 Feb: KK vs QG- QG won by 7 wickets
12 Feb: LQ vs PZ- PZ won by 3 wickets
15 Feb: IU vs QG- IU won by 5 wickets
16 Feb: KK vs LQ- LQ won by 7 runs
17 Feb: PZ vs QG- No Result
17 Feb: IU vs KK- KK won by 8 runs
18 Feb: QG vs LQ- QG won by 5 wickets
18 Feb: PZ vs IU- IU won by 5 wicket
19 Feb: PZ vs KK- KK won by 9 runs
20 Feb: LQ vs IU- LQ won by 1 wicket
23 Feb: QG vs KK- QG won by 6 wickets
24 Feb: PZ vs LQ- PZ won by 17 runs
24 Feb: QG vs IU- IU won by 1 run
25 Feb: LQ vs KK-
25 Feb: QG vs PZ-
26 Feb: KK vs IU-
28 Feb: 1st Q Final-
1 Mar: 2nd Q Final-
3 Mar: 3rd Q Final-
5 Mar: Final-
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